Ballydorn is a real to life map based in Ireland in an area known as Killinchy, although there is a Killinchy village, Killinchy area comprises Killinchy, Balloo, Whiterock, Killnalakin, Ballydorn and Ardmillan, they are all included in the map. The map includes 2 farms the player can select to play from or a contractors yard.

This map is large detailed and PC ONLY. Please take the time to explore as there is a lot to discover. It has been optimised for best frame rates but expect a FPS hit on lower spec machines. Best advice is turn the FPS counter off and just enjoy the map. Please take a look at the enclosed docx file which includes some pictures comparing the real Ballydorn with the map. The help file below will help you find things and hopefully get the best out of the map.
Ballydorn 19 contains,
Two Farms and Contractors Yard
Ballydorn Farm: Cows Sheep Pigs Chickens Crops (Large and Modern)
Hill Farm: Cows Sheep crops (Small and Retro)
Contractors Yard: House, Machine Sheds and one field.
Separate Stables for horses
Full seasons textures and snowmask
Many objects are season dependent
Field Missions
Transport Missions
Custom Buildings and textures
Multi Terrain Angle
Multiple sell points
Floodlit placeable area
Separate animal and crop yards
Traffic Spline
Pedestrian Splines
Many animations
Switchable lighting
Street lighting
Log is clean
It is advised to explore the map first without seasons as many objects will not appear until summer and many more will disappear in winter. Do not do as I did and place the dog kennel in the corner of the patio at the front of the Ballydorn Farm farmhouse as you will find poor old Rover impaled on a garden table come summer.
Included Mods:
The FS19 ferry has been implemented on this map to access Mahee island. THE FERRY.ZIP INCLUDED IN THE UNZIPME MUST BE PLACED IN THE GAMES MODS FOLDER.
The ferry has its own maintenance point to the right of the docking port and a refueling point to the left. Just point the front of the ferry towards the fuel tank, the trigger here is large enough to refuel both the ferry and land based vehicles.
Keep the ferry between the red and green buoys to avoid sinking.
If the ferry was accidently sold or got stuck, purchasing it from the store under the Misc. tab or resetting it is possible, however it will spawn at the shop which creates the problem of getting it to the water. Placing the included in the mod folder and activating it, will allow the ferry to be spawned on the water. For anyone not familiar with this mod pressing “shift alt S” allows store items to spawn in front of the player’s position. Pressing “shift alt R” will return the store spawn point to the shop.
Additional details about the map:
Land prices vary across the map with grass fields being cheaper than the arable fields. Both grass and arable fields on Rainey and Mahee islands are a lot cheaper than the mainland fields to take into account the longer journey times involved in accessing them.
The career start point and save game spawn point are at Bllydorn Farm as I guess most people will use this farm. If playing Hill Farm or the Contractors Yard you will have to teleport over there when you spawn into the game. The reset point for vehicles is at the dealers which ever way you play.
AI traffic is suicidal, give way to it at all times. Some of the vehicles like the cement mixer are not really suited to small junctions so you may see the odd collision. If it’s not in your way ignore it and it will clear itself. If it is then just stop and restart the traffic. You may need to turn traffic off to move larger equipment like harvesters.
BGA capacity has been increased from 50,000lts to 500,000lts and lts/sec from 10 to 50.
New Farmer mode will give you Ballydorn Farm with all animals, crop storage and a fleet of vehicles. You can of course buy Hill Farm at any time. Both farms come with all husbandry and placeables already provided.
All sheds have lighting and opening doors. Some triggers are close together and the game doesn’t seem to like you moving directly from one to another. If a trigger doesn’t activate move out of the trigger area and back in and it should appear.
Tip collisions are on the hayshed’s at the livestock farm and the three large machine sheds at the crop farm.
Water can be drawn from the pond in field 24 or beside the vehicle wash area at the crop farm.
Fuel is available at the crop farm, the petrol station or Island Ferries in Ardmillan.
There are no seed/fertiliser refill points just a lime station but fertilizer and seed is provided to get you started.
Placeable area light switch is on the gatepost.
Sleep trigger is inside the house.
Most triggers are obvious but the cow straw trigger is inside the gate next to the milk collection point.
Farm Manager mode will allow you to start with which ever farm you choose. Hill Farm is more suited to smaller equipment and more basic gameplay. Buying the farm will give you cow and sheep husbandry, one large arable field and one large grass field. There is access to the sheep pasture by a track in the arable field rather than driving a longer route around the roads.
Your home is a tent inside the derelict farmhouse, sleep trigger is inside the house.
There is no lighting on the farm, use your torch.
Tip collisions are on the two root crop sheds either side of the entrance gate to the cow pasture.
Fuel can be bought at Island Ferries or the petrol station.
Water is available from the Water Service site next to the waterfall. The trigger is at the edge of the river.
Your one luxury is that seed, fertilizer and lime are all available from the silo.
There is no workshop, vehicles need to be taken to the dealers.
Start From Scratch mode will give you enough cash to buy the contractors house and sheds with enough left over to buy some machinery and start contracting. A tractor, mower, forage harvester and front loader along with the purchase of the BGA is a good way to make money. Alternatively you can try forestry but either way coupled with missions you can earn the cash to buy one of the farms.
House with sleep trigger.
Two sheds with lighting.
Grass field.



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