Bates Cass County USA v 2.0

Bates Cass County USA v1.2

I have fix the problems that was reported to me. I have replaced the pig husbandry and sheep husbandry. They are in same place as before. I planted one field with canrola. I replace the 3 silos for seeds, fert, and etc. at main farm to one silo to supply all your needs. Two beef lots and one dairy lot.


Mills County – Blueweb (I have permission to use.)
all farm fenceing and sheds for maps is by: sandgroper
Pioneer and dekaulb pallets textures by jb3pc4sale
other seed pallets and fertilizers by SF_unpack_me by Wellano920
Danke an alle Modder white hogs
fenceing by: (C) All Rights Reserved – Sandgroper 3rd June, 2011 added barbwire, jb3pc4sale
railroad_track_set Based on model and textures � 2016 GIANTS Software GmbH. Edited by estyx.
Giants,Danjelmc,Farmer_Andy,Kevink98,Marhu,TheSnake and the others for the objects in the Map
RitchiF FS_CowPasture Plugz cowshed Niksarko Herbicide Tanks TheSnake,Giants FS_HorseLarge
ItsPooopFace AnhydrousTanks EDGE Gaming strawBarns 4l3x83we Workshop FS19_USBigShed MichiganFarms_Shed_Pack Lana
LoneOak_House EliteModdingQuebec,CastorModding(script)

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