Niedersachsisches Land v 1.3

Niedersachsisches Land v1.3

here is finally an update of the map! A lot has happened, but it is too long ago that I cannot say exactly what happened. But I will do my best to give it back.

Briefly to the map for those who play or see it for the first time. It is an original replica of a real area in the Hanover region. the road network plus elevation model is therefore almost exactly the same as the original landscape. Every time I really drive there I somehow have to think of the map and I think that’s a good sign that I’m proud of my work.

Now to the real thing:
-The map got a big season update, i.e. the lake and the channel are frozen in frost but have no collision as this would otherwise have been a complication for those without Seasons games.
– There are no ships in winter.
-The map view folder has been cleaned up.
-The level crossings are much softer to drive over. And got barriers.
-There are no trains!
-The starting yard was generated again.
-CarrierStartPoint is somewhere else. In a nice place. 😉
– Some traffic lines of the cars have been removed.
-The farm in Sehnde am Berg has been changed so that the field next door is smaller but still large.
– Vehicle dealer now has opening hours and a gate.
-Bga rebuilt only 1 giant wedge silo and made the journey to the digestate more exciting.
-Field edge vegation is not perfect, but it does exist.
-The background changes color in the seasons when it is snow and only when it is snow also white.
-The lake in Sehnde where you can get water is now accessible with the water barrel so you can turn below.
-Performance improved


So as you can see, a lot has happened, if I have forgotten something, please contact me if it is a malfunction or something similar.

I’m not perfect but I did my best to get the best out of it. There is a lot more I know, but I just have no time and head to build this map on glossy and flawless.

To draw my own conclusion. I gambled the Geiselsberg, Ellerbach and some of these TopMaps. I think it’s optically very well constructed and there is really a lot of love for the details, but I still feel most comfortable on this map and not because I built it myself, but because I created the ambience with the helicopter of the fire siren etc. still find the most beautiful. And because I still know my way around here best.

Now enjoy the long talk I wish you a lot of fun with this map and as I said if something is just report!
Love and best regards Flo
Stay healthy that is the most important thing.



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