Legacy Township v 2.0

Legacy Township v2.0

Here is my Legacy Township map version 2.

Map is pretty much the same as before only changes were made.
– chickens and sheep were removed because I couldn’t figure out the pallet thing and they were replaced with horses (former chicken farm) and pigs (former sheep farm)
– Deutz tractor removed from small dairy barn and seasons mask adjusted
– fixed floating trees (fingers crossed there’s no more)
– added a jet spline


A special thanks goes out to my testing team. (you guys know who you are)
harvested corn texture: NEFG Modding
buildings and objects: Giants Software
buildings and barns: CBJ Midwest Modding
placeable farm boots (sleep trigger): GnG Modding
large farm silo: ccs101
placeable refill stations: Giants Software
video tutorials: ShyWizard

Download Legacy Township map

Download map [ShareMods]

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