Welcome back to the next update of the edited map Erlengrad (New Alpine map) V.1.4. What’s new in the update. Added more fields on the slopes is and now 12 in addition. Invariably five ready to play farms and as a sixth farm a large service holding for those who like to do contracts.
Ten additional purchases for agricultural and industrial products have been added. All the hotels on the map want to buy your goods. They added two silos at the railroad and at the livestock dealer’s, taking rapeseed or corn in bulk to the market is a bit abnormal now that the market has competition.
Some people complained that you can’t build your own house anymore, you can’t because there are four of them and they are standing by. If you want to build your own house you have to sell the others from the build tab simply by clicking on them.
I wish everyone a good time because there is a lot to do on this map right now.
Fixed warnings related to purchases from the previous version of the map. A clean log with no errors or warnings.
I also got rid of collisions on road signs because they kept falling over when hit and the longer you played the more they got in the way lying on the road.


Giants Software , Yazu

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