I have been working on this project for a while now, its something very highly requested in the community. The classic Windchaser map completley re-done, from the entire town to all of the main farms on the map, complete with all new buildings.

****Please Note I did not make this map, This map was originally created in FS15 by lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding), and converted to FS19 by antler22, I take no credit for the original map and the 3d models used on the map, please give all credit to the modders listed above as I am only responsable for the edit, This edit is not intended to put to shame the conversion by antler22 and it is very well done this edit is what I thaught would be nice and is in no way shape or form aimed t shaming the original converter. Thankyou for understanding aswell as downloading and have yourself an amazing day!****

Release 1.1 Changelog

-Brand new farms and town aswell as updated groudn textures to match the original release
-All of the buildings have seasons masks aswell as main roads and buildings in the town
-All new sell points, Removal of old sell points and added all new grain elevators with custom signs
-Updated vehicle shop
-Working doors on all the buildings so they are useable
-Flashing lights in shed have been removed
-parked cars can be seen in the town and around the map too add life
-Removed large empty spaces and added tall grass field for more mowable land
-finished various parts of the terrain and the town

Unfixed-Graphics settings on high to run

Release V 0.8-1.0 Changelog

This will be the last update to this mod from my end, all others are free to edit and share!
Run graphics on HIGH or else the map will crash your game.

Windchaser Farms converted to FS19 by antler22 Thanks to Joe for the original work, Since the FS15 release this has been brought up to FS19 specs. This has sorghum (milo), wetcorn, alfalfa, clover and sudangrass added. There are also multiple places to buy slurry/manure if needed.


Original Map: lindbejb (Lindbejb Modding)
Conversion: antler22
Edit: North Simulation


Download map [ShareMods]

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