Twilight Acres Seasons Ready v 2.0

Twilight Acres Seasons Ready v2.0

Here it is guys: Twilight Acres V2
And it comes to you with changes. Most notably the size and the amount of detail.
All sale points are at the top of the map and the main farm at the bottom. The main farm has ample parking sheds and all animals except pigs. There are two types of silos on the farm; one for grain and the metal one for all other types of produce. The egg sale point is behind the Tim Hortons.
You can sell grain via the train as you have access to 4 grain cars. The farm also has a BGA facility on site already owned.
Traffic is also running. The map is also seasons compatible so have fun with the large fields
Many of you already have your own equipment ideas so I just included one starting field.


* Giants for the Felsbrunn map and several objects and placeables
* Taylor Made Mapping for his excellent help in putting in the traffic, new corn texture, adding in the realistic map border, removing floating objects, MP fixes, and repositioning the start point.
* Terry at TnT Modding for fixing the train in MP
* James Darrell Watkins (Gaming With Kentuckian JD on YouTube) for the videos
* and lastly to all my awesome testers.

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