You can see for yourself what I have got done. I made this map for myself so if you dont like it then keep it to yourself cause I dont care. I’am gonna hate myself for doing this cause I still have so many ideas and things i want to do BUT here it is. My personal version.

1. No dont message me if you cant run it, ask santa claus for a better PC
2. No dont message me if you cant run…Ill say that again
3. Dont message me pointing thing and that out….i know every inch of this map…I dont need someone whos drove around on it 5 minutes telling me somethings missing…
4. Enjoy it until I update it.

Also HUGE thank you for everyone whos helped me with coding especially Aaron Thom….Iam the reason he has weekly NA meetings now….off the top of my head Txzar Mapping who I stole from ALOT and got me into mapping. Anthony Roark for helping, and hell idk its been so long if you helped THANK YOU…I did ALL the detail so I’ll have a beer to that one. Oh and yea David Hinton for his wells and rice equipment. Thank you a million for that bro.


Jesse Lance Pippin

Download THE DELTA BETA map

Download map [ShareMods]

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