Terre del delta del Po v 1.0

Terre del delta del Po v 1.0

Map completely flat with 28 fields of different sizes, most of them squared to facilitate the work of idiotic workers of fs19, the crops present are those of default. the map winds through canals of various sizes typical of the area examined with large swampy areas where it is better not to penetrate. the map has free spaces to give way to build any other areas with placeables. I have revised down the zone prices to make them a little more realistic and appropriate for the area.

the area has on one side the Adriatic Sea on one side the lagoon area and then there are the parts that go towards the land ideally on the state road that connects the Veneto and Emilia.

The map is made following the FS17 system with all the fixed and non-salable structures, while leaving space for those who want to insert other positionable structures that are typical of the new fs19 philosophy. a peculiar feature is that whatever type of career you start you will find all the facilities and equipment to get started, the only difference is just the amount of money provided so you might as well start with your career as an agricultural director with 1,250,000 or if you want to measure yourself against your financial skills choose the third career, the first career in this case is useless.

on the map there are no pedestrians (zombies), by my choice there is traffic on the main roads and some vehicles parked here and there.

the map has been thoroughly tested with followme, TSX typemassadjustment enhancedVehicle and has not given any problem as even in multiplayer both on private game creation and on rented servers, the frame rate to my pc with everything at max has never fallen below the 50 FPS but almost always 60 as shown in the log the map is free of errors and warnings except for the classic 2 giants gift still to be fixed.

So in summary, with whatever career you want to start, nothing changes just money.

What’s on the map:

The farm, complete with breeding cows, chickens, various tool sheds, gates and doors that can be opened and closed, the green one entering under the arch opens automatically. drinking trough for free water supply, diesel tank costs more than at the distributor, the comforts are paid for !! animated silos made by SCS for grain storage, storage and reloading of potatoes and beets, barn with large warehouse for storing hay grass silage straw and chips, silage fermentation bunker, point to go to sleep under the small arch of the house, there are boots which function as a bedroom for resting, a pitch for washing the karcher working tools.

Obviously, regardless of the type of career, the farm area must be purchased and is already supplied with some medium-sized fields.


Agritalia buys wheat barley rape sunflower soy corn potatoes beetroot silage oats

Camping buys milk and eggs

ENEL plant buys rapeseed

Equestrian center buys oat grass straw hay

CentroPagliaFieno buys straw hay grass

Consortium buys wheat corn barley rape sunflower soy potatoes beetroot silage

Italcereali buys wheat barley rape sunflower soya corn oats

Oil mill buys sunflower maize rapeseed

PAM supermarket buys milk egg potatoes unloading on the back

Ice cream / dairy buy milk eggs

Dairy Montello buys milk

Porto buys logs in the yard timber and wheat barley rape sunflower soybean corn potatoes beets sugar cane oat under the roof

Polesana Sawmill buys logs

Pellet production buys wood chips

Animal merchants can trade animals

Dealer sells equipment, there is also the area for modification and sale

Agricultural seeds and fertilizers here you can buy semi fertilizer lime manure and slurry

BGA must be purchased to be able to use it

The wooded areas for tree cutting as this is not an area suited to this activity are limited to 3 areas, however, sufficient for good production

The spinning mill buys wool and cotton

Distributor ENI sells diesel at a lower price than the tank in the farm and then there is Maria you need!

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