I offer my converted Ravenport Map for download.
Since I have never liked the placeable system in the LS19, I have converted the Ravenport as I like it.
All animal pastures are at the farm. 2 cow pastures and the sheep and horse pasture were made larger and adapted to the terrain.
A second horse pasture is located at the riding hall.
The animals’ feed consumption was also set to a reasonable level.
The horses and sheep now also produce manure.
The sheep also need straw for this.
Sales silos for mineral fertilizers, seeds and lime were set up at the port sales.
These goods can be stored in a silo at the BGA and in the yard.
The BGA was expanded by another silo and some shelters.
A 2nd biogas plant was built at the farm.
Both BGA`s converted to Global Company.
The hay warehouse converted from the original barn can also store bales. These must be unloaded in front of the gate.
Barn moved to the cattle dealer.
Set up a wood chip bunker at the CHP plant and installed a sales trigger for wood chips and straw in the chopper’s hopper.
Milk and egg sales set up at the dairy.
Seed sales installed at the harbor storage.
Fixed greenhouses and apiary. (Mod is no longer required).
Limitation of the tipping pile has been removed.
The landscaping tool has been expanded to include bushes and various decorative plants.

Global Company Mod is required.
The map cannot be renamed.



Download RAVENPORT map

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