RavenPort 4X Multifruit NON Seasons v 1.0

RavenPort 4X Multifruit NON Seasons v1.0

4X Map Edit By JimsGamesStreams.
Aditional Fruit Alfalfa, Sorghum, Clover, Carrot, Onion, Millet, Tobacco, Peanut, Rice.
60 Fields, Missions, 3 Trains.
3 Farms.
Liquid Manure Storage
Fermenting Silo
modded harvester to make tobacco modules


Map Edit by JimsGamestreams
scripting By Winston9587 and title scripts by Farmer Andy
Detailed PDA Map By Jk2369
Locomotive Edit And ReUvmap by winston9587
JoeLiquid for smoothing some of the fields.

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