R.D.C.FS19 V 1.6

R.D.C.FS19 V 1.5


Informative note:
Summer has arrived.
Spring brought us many rainy and cloudy days, which made it difficult for us to work our fields and we lost crops.
Now comes summer, with many sunny days, with new textures, changes in crops and livestock and new modifications incorporated.
You can continue with your saved game.

R.D.C is translated into: English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.
If you like R.D.C and its characteristics, and you want me to translate it into your language. Discuss it on the official Farming simulator forum.

-Summer has arrived!
-Textures changed to summer.
-The spring flowers disappear.
-Added red light to high voltage towers and on the dam wall.
-Changed the color of the high voltage towers. Now they reflect the sunlight, giving more realism.
-Touch-ups on some textures and objects.
-Renamed alfalfa cultivation, it has been changed from lucerne to Alfalfa to generalize it.
-Renominated salt to mineral salts, it is more correct and visually it is better.
-Touch-ups to improve performance.
-Touch-ups in stables, garage and workshop.
-Touch-ups in the mod: R.D.C.
-Touch-ups in the mod: Trailer to transport chickens.
-Touch-ups in the mod: Trailer to transport Iberian pig and horse breed from the new system.
-Touch-ups in mods: Olive grove, Orange grove and Apple grove.
-Touch-ups on mods: Short Wall, Long Wall, Short Wall Dehesa and Long Wall Dehesa.
-Added the holm oaks to the Iberian pasture.

-Created real terrain textures.
-Created particles and ground effects, according to the new terrain textures.

Note: All vehicles will load the new particles and effects in the fields. You will observe that when plowing or cultivating, stones will also jump.

-Increased use of lime. The fields will need lime more frequently.
-Established in the rest of the crops, the growth state (yellow color) to mow in green and the growth state (light orange color), for the harvest.

Note: The NPCS of other fields do not recognize the change in the crops, and in the harvest work the crop is green. You can harvest without problems in green, although it is not very real.
If you want, time advances, and the crop will change state.

-The chopped product, you can only get it from corn or sunflower.
-Added particles and cutting effects for sunflower chopping.
-Added sunflower to forage harvesters and headers.
-Touch-ups on the rest of the chopped crops and mowing.

-It reduces food consumption and increases water consumption.
-Small change in the feeding of purebred horses.

Mod: Weight 410KG RDC.
Mod: Weight 586KG RDC.
Mod: Weight 836KG RDC.
Mod: Weight 1020KG RDC.
Mod: Weight 1520KG RDC.
Mod: Weight 2020KG RDC.
Mod: Trailer to collect and transport 20 round bales.
Mod: Tank to store water

Summer: Many sunny days, less cloudy days and less rainy days.
-The rainy days will last between 5 hours and a maximum of 8 hours of the game.
-You will notice the mists more in the morning and on cloudy days.
-In the fields and in general, feeling of hot days.



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