Pine Wood Farms v 1.0.2

Pine Wood Farms v 1.0.2

I believe i have corrected all known issues

The file size is 2.46 I have reduced as much as possible

1.Corrected mowing issues around main farm,
2.updated landscaping for mow-able Grass
3. Added Hospital and Emergency Services
4.Added 2nd Farm
5.Updated PDA map
6.Corrected Floating train in problem areas
7.Corrected Floor Shading in Shop at main farm
8.Cows Now use entire Pasture and Cow Barn
9.many overall cosmetic corrections
10.corrected some floating buildings across the map

no errors in log, and the play-ability is much improved from the last beta update


Tigger D ( Larry R Davenport ) Streetreaper (Derick Hay)

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