Old Family Farm v 2.0

Old Family Farm v 2.0

Welcome to the “Old Family Farm” map for Farming Simulator 2019. This is not very large in terms of the map size of the displaced vehicle. – On the map there are 4 small firms. The main farm, from where you start. B. The farmland is coming south of the city; – The main point of the trip is in the store Baum Nau N; – There is also a railway line, which comes to the city, where you can give your life; – The dealership center is located inside the store Nau N Feed for buying new tracts and equipment. You can give your own surplus to your bed and bales for Ha Now Feed; – a small size; – For timber, there is a lot of trees to crush them on the wedge or to make a saw for the saw, and too much clean ground for a new shape; – This map was completely transferred, except for the fact that it uses the new FS 2019 function.


Map by GnG Modding
Beta testers
Mike Grainger
Ken Grainger
Bryan Murphy

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