This map is based on my individual imagination.
In particular, the terrain and the associated road management must be suitable for everyday use with me.
I mean no unrealistic gradients.
It should be clear to everyone that a map of the objects the modders or Giants have created “lives”.
No map farmer can say that he has created all the objects he has installed.

That’s why I want to thank all the modders whose objects I have installed.
A naming takes place separately in the credits as far as I know.

To the map:
Why a quadruple map? I just like to play with large equipment.
This map is based on Kastor’s empty quadruple map.
I tried to design it as a quad-map with Coursplay for single-player playable.
With the size of the map Mapbau limits are set, meaning it is not all that is available to objects must also be installed.
Places for Placeable Objects are set up.

Game mode:

The yard is already completely available at the beginning of the game.
Why everything is already available at the beginning of the game is due to the fact that attempts to buy the animal stables after the game started failed
that you could not place them exactly where I had them in the GE provided.
A placement other than the designated place led to problems with the landscaping or with the planting and decoration of animal stables.
A sale to get money is not recommendable because the later repurchase the same problem occurs that I have already described.
As a small compensation of the fleet is quite poorly designed, however, there is already a wind turbine and three solar panels at the start of the game in the possession of the player.
It can be sold or the hourly profits collected.
Among the deposits, there is a large grain silo and two Erdlager for sugar beets and potatoes available.
I have chosen these terrestrial camps because it is not usual to tilt the crops into a grain silo.

Furthermore, you have a stock of seed and fertilizer in solid form and a camp for herbicides and liquid fertilizer these must of course be filled first.
To use the Hoftankstelle this must also be filled first.
For the transport of liquids you need to find the trailer mks8 or mks32 in the game at miscellaneous,
You can buy these items at the two gas stations and at the sales outlets Raiffeisen and Krebacher mill.
Of course, the shop is also a purchase Possible there but the items are provided only on pallets.
As a special service, the dealer delivers purchased vehicles directly to the farm.

As already written, the fleet is rather poor but feasible, does not mean too much, but not too little.
Some trailers are already filled with material ready

At the start of the game you have two fields (12,13) ​​ready to harvest, in total there are 21 fields available from 2ha to about 13ha.
Missions are possible in the following fields: 1,2,3,5,6,7,11,15,17
Field01 = 19.24ha Field05 = 19.19ha Field09 = 2.74ha Field13 = 4.61ha Field17 = 52.86ha Field21 = 5.41ha
Field02 = 24.64ha Field06 = 22.70ha Field10 = 28.90ha Field14 = 23.42ha Field18 = 134.41ha
Field03 = 17.07ha Field07 = 20.25ha Field11 = 66.18ha Field15 = 22.02ha Field19 = 30.51ha
Field04 = 9,97ha Field08 = 34,55ha Field12 = 12,44ha Field16 = 15,00ha Field20 = 9,18ha
When pricing the fields / parcels I have taken the average price per hectare in Schleswig-Holstein this is currently about 25000 € per ha.

There is a double track train available. It is used to transport fruit from BahnDepot01 to the Raiffeisen point of sale.
The second train serves as a deco or vice versa but it can also be used both trains as a transport option or both as a deco.
The BahnDepot01 is intended to save the player long transport distances of the harvest from the fields in the south of the map.
The harvest in BahnDepot01 can be temporarily stored and, if necessary, sold by train to Raiffeisen.

Sold at:
The following sales offices are available:
Raiffeisen, KrebacherMuehle, HafenTerminel1, railway station, Elsdorf brewery, Ledli_FilialeElsdorf, dairy, ReithofMeier, Peters mill, saw mill, spinning mill, barn, BGA
Raiffeisen: wheat, barley, corn, rape, sunflower, oats, soybeans, sugar beets, sugar cane, potatoes
KrebacherMuehle: wheat, corn, soybeans, barley
HafenTerminel1: Oilseed rape, sunflowers, soybeans, sugar beets, sugarcane
Railway station: wheat, barley, rape, sunflower, soybeans, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, sugarcane
Brewery Elsdorf: wheat, barley
Ledli_FilialeElsdorf: milk, eggs
Dairy: milk, eggs
ReithofMeier: Oats
ReithofMeierBallen: grass_windrow; dryGrass_windrow, straw
Peters mill: wheat, barley
Sawmill: WoodChips, wood
Spinning: wool




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