Hunter Farm v

Hunter Farm v3.0.0.1

Hunter Farm V3 is a new version of the original map with more fruits and a lot of changes to make the map more streamlined. If you enjoyed the original Hunter Farm, you will love this version even more!

**Hunter Farms V3 works with seasons and the strawHarvest addon at the same time! **

– Completely new base map to bring the map to current Giants standards.

– New farmhouse located on the main farm

– DEF requirement removed from the map

– Added Compost to the map

– Added support and sell points for strawHarvest Addon

– New Coop building

– Added Coffee as a crop bringing the added crops to coffee, hemp, hops, and alfalfa

– New fields added bringing the map to 33 fields

– Dynamic mud added

– Adjustments made to the farmlands.xml to allow buying more land in some areas

– Southeast corner of the map now has fields

– Silo system updated and straw barn added to the main yard

– BGA is now owned by the main farm when you start the map

– Alfalfa added to animal feed requirements

– LiquidFertilizer/Herbicide buy station added to the main farmyard

– Straw, hay, alfalfa, and pellet storage barn added on the main farm

Plus a lot of little details fixed and changed on the map to increase the overall playability of the map. There are places for placeables now as well.


Chris Kimball/Funny Farm Gaming

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