Frogmore is based on a cotton plantation located in Frogmore, Louisiana. This is a BETA version. All functionality has been tested.

Log: Standard bush01 warning in log and farmland pixel warning. With my eyes I am not going to chase down missing pixel. Not detriment to gameplay.

Map has seasons mask installed.
Map has missions. Never do missions but have tested the ones I installed and they work.

All animals are located on main farm.

2.5mil (250k per fruit) Silo installed at Main Farm. Multifruit
3 Sellpoints for crops (CoOP, Big River and ConAgra)
1 Sellpoint for milk/eggs (Bubba’s bakery)
1 Sellpoint Cotton/Wool (Frogmore)
Animal Dealer
Large Forest area with several small forest around map
Nice starting equipment

Field Sizes:
Field 1: 1.2 ha Default Farm
Field 2: 5.3 ha Default Farm
Field 3: 2.0 ha
Field 4: 3.8 ha
Field 5: 7.4 ha
Field 6: 40.2 ha
Field 7: 18.2 ha
Field 8: 36.6 ha
Field 9: 18.0 ha
Field 10: 6.8 ha
Field 11: 5.0 ha
Field 12: 28.1 ha
Field 13: 14.6 ha
Field 14: 6.9 ha (grass) Default Farm



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