Map ready for the latest season update v1. 1. 0. 0. Polish map of Biernatki.
– 83 configured fields.
– 120 Lands to be bought separately.
– No farm buildings.
– You have to develop the area yourself.
– additional crops, rye, spelt, triticale, millet, lucerne, tobacco, hops, onion, carrots, poppy seed (cabbages and lettuce have been abandoned) these crops can be grown in greenhouses.
– Dynamic mud only on field roads.
– Dynamic mud works according to ground moisture. Don’t get too excited. I gave up mud on the fields because it interferes with construction. Mud does not recognize the textures of concrete, asphalt and others. Anyone who wants to add a little mud by himself, please edit the map and in the (farmlands) is (dynamicMud) you paint where you want, save the map, pack again and safari.
-The mud doesn’t work if it’s long dry or frosty, the best effects are after it rains.
-All the functions that the farm simulator offers
– purchase and sale of manure and slurry
– street and pedestrian traffic
– transport emissions
– missions from farmers
– new substrate and plant textures
– All the shrubs lose their leaves in winter, the grasses and weeds are greatly reduced.
By playing the multi you will create a village yourself.
Placeable silos supporting the map under the link,
Please do not update the silos because they will stop receiving crops.
Upgrade to the latest season both Goliszew and Biernatki in progress.


MTS JN Rebuild by Yazu
Thanks to Alien for the dynamic mud.

Download BIERNATKI map

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