Badkowo Map Beta

Badkowo Map Beta

Here I introduce today the Badkowo from the FS17 for Download;)
It is a map that is built in a Polish flair, with many forests, dirt roads and 2 small villages.

The map has many fields Small and medium, however, you can put many fields together if bushes or stones

between the fields are, go ran and press the left mouse button then they disappear and you have free rein.

This map is in beta status I can not rule out that no errors can occur should this be the case I fix this as soon as possible.


Erbauer der Map: venturio fs
Converted: Membran_Production
Gebäudepack: Lunchbox85
Hofpack: BernieSCS
Bergehallen: fqC art
Tamplate Map: FBM Team
Händlergebäude: 820Power LS
Grain Storge: FS Velocity

Download Badkowo Map Beta

Download map [ShareMods]

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